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What we treat

With the demands of the modern world, we tend to have less time to prepare meals, therefore eating more processed foods that are filled with excess sodium and preservatives. Getting your body balanced and back to good health is our primary concern.

At our clinic we treat a range of health concerns such as food allergies, IBS, eczema and asthma, behavioural problems, bloating, weight issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, growing/leg pains, sleeping difficulty, ear, nose and throat, sensitivity to sound, taste and smell and other health concerns.

I take a holistic approach to dietary and lifestyle change. I also use functional medicine and biomedical testing to help uncover issues that may not be apparent to your general practitioner.


What to Expect?

The initial visit usually takes between 1 hour so please allow ample time so we have time to cover all your needs.

The purpose of your first visit is to get a thorough understanding of you or child’s unique health story, answer any questions you may have and discuss which types of nutrition therapy can help.

If necessary I may order biomedical testing which is normally pain free and cost effective. If testing is not wanted or warranted there are other strategies that can be undertaken.

Clinic services and fees

Initial consultation (90 minutes)
This is where we go through medical history, diet, your health concerns and set up a 3 step action plan.

Follow up consultation (45 minutes)
This is when you come back for a review to find out how you’ve been going, answer any questions and review diet and supplements. Note: Extended consultation will be charges an extra $25 for every additional 15mins.

Meal Plan only  (30 minutes)
This is a personalised meal plan that can be done in person or online. It includes 14 days worth of meals suited to your metabolic type.

For online consultations
You must prepay for your call for online consultation via Paypal and then book a time in my calendar. I generally reserve Mondays for online calls but can also consult on other days per your request. Please note health fund rebates may not be applicable to online calls.

**Health Fund Rebates available for In person Nutrition consultations only

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