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Weight Loss and Well Being

With the demands of the modern world, we tend to have less time to prepare meals, therefore eating more processed foods that are filled with excess sodium and preservatives. Getting your body balanced is the first step in losing weight and getting back into shape.

 Before your appointment I request you keep a 7 day diet diary so we can work on your individual needs. There are many medical and environmental issues involved in weight loss such as hormones, low thyroid, genetic mutations, stress, lack of sleep, the list goes on. It can be hard to pinpoint this in ourselves as we are usually too busy thinking about the next thing on the list. I use functional medicine and biomedical testing to help uncover issues that may not be apparent to your general practitioner.

I am open and honest in my consultations and do not judge anyone based on appearances. I have treated underweight and morbidly obese people, so they say i have seen it all. I take a holistic approach to dietary and lifestyle changes. So dont put it off any longer, start your new life today.

Children’s Health

Are you worried about your child’s health, eating habits, mood and behaviour?

Common childhood issues I treat are food allergies, IBS, eczema and asthma, behavioural problems, anxiety, hyperactivity, growing/leg pains, sleeping difficulty, ear, nose and throat, sensitivity to sound, taste and smell.

I approach treatment using dietary changes – which are adapted to the child and are not too difficult to implement.

Any number of underlying imbalances in the body and brain can interfere with a child’s ability to be calm, concentrate and socialize easily. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances, gut disorders, heavy metal toxicity, inflammation and Pyroluria are some underlying causes. I identify and address these factors through diet and natural supplementation.

I only use child friendly supplements that taste great and can be added to your child’s favourite food or drink or other creative ways I can help you with.

The earlier we start nutritional intervention the less time it will take to transform your child.  Babies and toddler are welcome into the clinic.

Why book in a health program?

Most people will need more than one appointment to achieve optimal health. Healing through nutrition takes time and patience and committing to a program will save you money in the long run and greater improve your overall wellbeing outcome. Most people need at least 3 appointments over 2-3 months to see real changes in their body.


What my programmes aim to achieve

  • Education and support to change habits
  • Ways to learn new behaviours and how to stick to them
  • personalised advice for your metabolic type
  • long term health and wellbeing
  • expert guidance and practical tips

What to Expect?

The initial visit usually takes between 1  hour so please allow ample time so we have time to cover all your needs.

The purpose of your first visit is to get a thorough understanding of you or child’s unique health story, answer any questions you may have and discuss which types of nutrition therapy can help.

If necessary I may order biomedical testing which is normally pain free and cost effective. If testing is not wanted or warranted there are other strategies that can be undertaken.

Program 1 – The Gut Fixer

Ideal for those with allergies, asthma, eczema, anxiety, food intolerances, moodiness and more

The Gut Fixer program includes:

1 x Initial appointment   RRP $110
2 x Follow up appointments $130
4 week paleo/grain free/gluten free/dairy free meal plan including recipes
Zinc taste test (in clinic) $10
Metagenics probiotic (type chosen will be dependent on symptoms) $55
Access to my Facebook recipe sharing group
Unlimited email support $PRICELESS Normally $465.00

Health fund rebates available

Pre – paid price ONLY $365 That’s a $100 SAVING!

Gut Fixer Program

Program 2 – Help Me Lose Weight

Ideal for those with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance or struggling to lose weight

The Help Me Lose Weight Program includes:

1 x Initial appointment RRP $110
2 x Follow up appointments $130
4 week personalised diet plan including recipes $160
Metagenics ‘Shake it’ protein shake $55
Metagenics shaker bottle $5.00
Access to my Facebook recipe sharing group
Unlimited email support $PRICELESS Normally $460

Health fund rebates available

Pre – paid price ONLY $360 (Health fund rebates available) That’s a $100 SAVING!

Weight Loss Program

Program 3 – Online 28 Day Keto Program

Wanting to go Keto but don’t know where to start? I was once in the same boat, but as a Clinical Nutritionist with an interest in obesity I’ve learnt the best way tackle this problem is through a ketogenic way of eating. This program is a great way to kickstart your way into ketogenic eating. 

When you work with me you will receive the following.

1. 28 days of Keto/Low Carb High Fat meal plans

2. All recipes

3. Access to my closed Australian Facebook Online support group with over 3000 members

4. Fortnightly Skype meetings – (2 in total 30 minutes each call)

5. Supplement recommendations to combat keto flue

6. Advice on Macro Ratios for your personal needs

7. Any other advice you are looking for Nutritionally.

Total cost ONLY $99

*Please consult your GP if you are currently on any prescription medications before embarking on one of my programs.

Keto Program
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