About Me

About me

Hi, my name is Elisha and I am a degree qualified Nutritionist, health writer, and mum of 2. My areas of interests include food related illnesses such as insulin resistance,obesity, and also the gut and brain connection, which includes ADHD, Autism, anxiety, behavioural problems and learning delay.

Even though each person has their own different needs – I do seem to find most people are at their healthiest when they cut down on carbohydrates and replace them with essential fatty acids. I believe fats heal and too many carbohydrates do harm. One reason is because wheat is everywhere and is sprayed with glyphosate. A herbicide which destroys our good bacteria. This can lead to a damaged gut lining, causing leaky gut amongst other things. Carbohydrates also convert to sugar when we are not active enough, this then is stored for later use, if not used up is then converted to fat.

I also use biomedical testing to aid in uncovering underlying illnesses and can assist you with clearing these conditions from your body using nutritional medicine.

My passion is to treat people in a holistic way.

Elisha Danine

Professional Experience and Qualifications

Introduction to Diabetes Certificate (2016)

Real Meal Revolutions Certified Banting Coach (2016)

Paediatric Master Class series (2015)

Bachelor in Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine) (2015)

Nutritionist for The Healthy Mummy (weight loss brand) 2012 – current

Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine (2011)

Weight Loss consultant course (2008)

Current Projects

Resident Nutritionist for the Lose Baby Weight Group : Writing recipes for the 28 Day Challenge and providing Q & A on their 90,000+ membership Facebook Group Page.

I am an affiliate member of the Real Meal Revolution – the aim is to touch 100,000,000 lives with Low Carb High Fat eating. If you wish to learn more about RMR – click here http://rmr.link/a/ELDA

What Are They Saying About Me

Week one of my plan completed and to top it off today was the first day I actually did exercise after having my daughter 2 months ago!! And I have to hand it too u Elisha without the right diet I don’t think I could have done the exercise.. The energy I have even after running around after 3 kids is amazing!! Xx I love you!! Lol I would recommend u too any I know!! Xx” ~ Stephanie

This week has been the one of the best experiences of my life!!!
Not one to cook in the kitchen but ive thoroughly enjoyed being in the kitchen this week…feeling soo good and loving the flavours and recipes are amazing…love love love this challenge đŸ™‚
” ~ Lena

I can feel so different compared to last week and its only been 1 day. Yesterday after my meals i didnt feel full or hungry. First time ever and today im feeling much lighter. I love the way i feel and i cant wait to see the end of this challenge to see the difference. Loving this new and healthy lifestyle :)” ~ Sina

I have (dropped a dress size) and I’m really excited I’m seeing results , it might only be losing 1/2 kilo every week but the cm’s are great, I should be able to keep it off, really looking forward to the end results, thanks so much Elisha I look forward to the week meals planners every week, great job to you!!!” ~ Julie

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