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Its a well known fact that diabetes has a genetic component. I have a high predisposition for diabetes as it exists in both sides of my family.

I struggled through my early to mid 20s to keep my BMI in a healthy range because I didn’t know what Insulin Resistance was and how it affected me. Over the past 10 years I’ve learnt the key to freedom from yoyo dieting, weight gain and living a healthy life.

Since then I’ve dedicated myself to helping people to get to know their body, quit sugar, junk food and go on to live a stress free life, not to worry about their weight ever again. I treat everyone as an individual and use food as medicine and pathology testing where necessary.

Healthy eating is part of my life and I would like to make it yours too. This is my promise to you.

Who are we?

Elisha is a clinical nutritionist who specialises in nutrition for weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, digestive and mental health.

Elisha has a huge amount of experience in complementary health, particularly in helping to work through food related issues such as diabetes and obesity, and providing assistance to combat emotional eating. She has been part of the Healthy Mummy team of experts since 2012, writing informative blog posts, contributing to our recipe books and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes.

At Nourished Minds, we used functional testing as tool to help us identify the underlying issues and deal with the cause of your nutritional imbalance. We don’t guess we have targeted solution to your needs.

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